Step 1: Decide what kind of visit you want.

Read through the materials on my website. Contact me to discuss the kind of visit you want. I typically do 2-3 assemblies in a day, usually arranged by grade (K-1, 2-3,4-5 or K-3, 3-5, 6-8) and I am happy to tailor the presentations to the needs of your school. You can also arrange to have a writing workshop for a small group of children in addition to the assemblies. Or, if funds are limited, consider a Virtual Visit. I am also happy to do an evening event that includes parents.Decide if you are going to offer books for sale – this is a good way to pay for the visit or raise money for your school. Seek funding approval.

Step 2: Pin down the particulars.

I will send you a contract spelling out what we've discussed, including my fee and any travel and accommodations costs. You can download Book Order forms from my website. I will provide you with any additional promotional materials you need to spread the word.

Step 3: Get ready.

12 weeks before my visit:

8 weeks before my visit:

6 weeks before my visit:

4 weeks before my visit:

2 weeks before my visit:

1 week before my visit:

Day of my visit:

Step 4: Stay in touch!

Please take pictures of my visit if you can – I love to post them on my website. And please fill out the evaluation form I will give you when I arrive. I count on that feedback to make my visits the best they can be. If you want your kids to write to me afterwards, just ask me for an address.  I love getting their letters and I always answer them.

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