Dashka speaks to adults about both writing and reading in a variety of settings. A popular children's book writing teacher at mediabistro.com, she has also been a guest lecturer at colleges and universities and a speaker and panelist at conferences and book festivals.

The Curiosity Engine

This funny yet powerful presentation shows how a two decade-long career as a novelist, journalist and children's book author has been powered by one driving force – curiosity. Using slides, stories, and the occasional prop or two, Dashka shows how curiosity is the engine of creativity -- and how much you can learn from being willing to ask questions.

The Science Of Storytelling

A multimedia journey across genres from a writer whose career as a poet, novelist, journalist and children's book writer has allowed her to crib from a variety of handbooks. What can picture book writers learn from journalists? What can journalists can learn from novelists? What can every writer learn from poets? A multimedia investigation of the science of storytelling.

Everything I Know I Learned Through The Looking Glass

Life lessons learned from children's books. An exploration of why reading matters, using personal history, professional experience, a few fascinating scientific studies and three generations of people whose life was shaped by one series of children's books.

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