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Bonjour! I am Escargot. I want only two things:

1. To be your favorite animal.

2. To get to the delicious salad at the end of this book.

Are you ready?

On your mark…

Get set…



The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books (Starred Review)

Escargot’s voice is parfait, an airy blend of ego and need masterfully balanced in witty and well-turned sentences that leave plenty of room for audiences to get the joke.


Say bonjour to your new favorite animal, the garden snail!...In Hanson’s soft, cartoonish illustrations, Escargot’s hammy expressions are perfectly in keeping with his gently boastful narrative. Give this charming read-aloud a little extra joie de vivre by reading it in your best French accent. 


[T]his engaging snail upends convention. An unusual, tongue-in- cheek aid to getting children to eat a disliked food—even the dreaded carrot.


[T]he absolutely hilarious story of a snail who is SURE that your favorite animal is a snail—but when he discovers a carrot in his salad (he HATES carrots), it'll take help from the reader to make it right.




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