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Dashka Slater’s picture books have won widespread praise for their inventive language and vivid imagery. Her book Dangerously Ever After was named the 2013-14 Surrey Book of the Year based on the votes of over 12,700 elementary school students and is now being made into an animated film by Fantasiation Studios. A recipient of a Creative Writing Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, Slater is also an award-winning journalist whose articles ahve appeared in such publications as Newsweek, Salon, The New York Times Magazine and Mother Jones. 

21 Possibly True Facts About Me

1. I tried to write a novel when I was nine, but I never finished it.

2. My first published poem appeared in Cricket magazine when I was ten.

3. Both my parents are writers.

4. They suggested I find some other kind of job, like maybe working in a bank, but I didn’t listen to them.

5. I once worked at a job that was so top secret that I never found out what it was.

6. It took me ten years to finish my first novel.

7. I often write with a cat on my lap, which probably explains why it took so long.

8. When I say lap, I mean keyboard.

9. My book, The Sea Serpent and Me, is based on a story I wrote when I was ten.

10. My book, Dangerously Ever After, is based on a story my son made up when he was six.

11. I have found several other story ideas under the couch cushions.

12. Most of my books go through ten or fifteen drafts before I show them to anyone.

13. Almost everything I write starts out being too long.

14. I’m terrible at knitting, but I do it anyway.

15. You could say the same thing about my singing.

16. A lot of my dreams take place in thrift stores.

17. I believe you’re never too old or too young to stay up all night reading.

18. I read Alice in Wonderland at least once a year.

19. I have been told I have a very distinctive laugh.

20. By distinctive, I mean loud.

21. I am almost always willing to go swimming, even if the water is cold and possibly shark-infested.

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