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Dangerously Ever After -- The MOVIE!!!

Dangerously Ever After -- The MOVIE!!!

This summer, stop motion film-maker Alba Garcia messaged me on Facebook. Her 7 year old daughter was a fan of my picture book DANGEROUSLY EVER AFTER and had even memorized the whole thing. What did I think about turning the book into a stop-motion film?

Here's the thing -- I'm nuts about stop-motion animation. (If you're not sure what that is, think FANTASTIC MR. FOX, CORALINE, PARANORMAN, NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS). I love how textured, human and intricate it is -- especially in the era of so much slick, computer-generated animation. And I'd always wanted to see certain scenes come alive -- the exploding grenapes, for example.

Not long afterwards, I met with Alba at her studio in New York and we hit it off immediately. She's warm, funny, creative, and yet also very down-to-earth. The more we talked, the more clear it was that we should do this project. We wrote a script. Alba began hiring a crew and building props. Valeria Docampo, the book's illustrator, came to New York, met Alba, and signed on to help.

Now all we need is funding. On February 2nd, we launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the $42,000 needed to make the film a reality. Donate early to have your pick of amazing perks like dangerous princess swag, school visits, signed books, copies of the film, props, puppets and more. Tell your friends!

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