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Dragon and Dangerous Princess at the Maker Faire!


Jim Averbeck and I are both picture book writers. He's an illustrator too.


We both really like to make things. So we decided that we'd celebrate our new books, Dangerously Ever After and Oh No, Little Dragon!, by being Makers at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire on October 14, 2012 at Park Day School in Oakland, California. 


Once we decided to be Makers, our next decision was....what to make? We went to our books for inspiration.



For my book, Dangerously Ever After, I knew I wanted to make some kind of dangerous plant, since the main character, Princess Amanita, has the world's most dangerous garden. But what kind? Well, why not Amanita mushrooms?


These guys are made out of crepe paper dipped in wax -- perfect for the Maker Faire. Yesterday, Jim and I spent some time playing with different ways to make them and I think we've hit upon the coolest method. You can make any kind of mushroom you want - - here are a few I made in Jim's living room.



Meanwhile, Jim's been working on a dragon noisemaker made out of a toilet paper tube and blue crepe paper. It blows crepe paper fire! 

Jim with dragon


Every hour, we'll be reading our books aloud on the rug for those who want a little break from the bustle of making things. And of course we'll be selling signed copies of both our new books and many of our old ones.


I've got some other crafts I might do as well -- paper roses and noses like these ones:



We can't wait! You can check out the full list of Makers at To get 15% off advance ticket prices, use the code PRINCESS.




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