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Signed Picture Books from 5 Amazing Authors



The only gift better than a book is an autographed book, and the only gift better than an autographed book is an autographed book with a personal inscription from the author. But children's book authors can be reclusive and hard to locate, particularly during the holiday season. Luckily for you, we tend to hang around in clumps, usually somewhere near the egg nog. This weekend, I tracked down four fabulous picture book author/illustrators and together the five of us have come up with an easy way for you to get personally inscribed and autographed copies of our latest books.


Step 1: Purchase any of these five books from the bookstore of your choice (we recommend patronizing your local independent bookstore or buying online from


Step 2: Fill out this online form to request your personalized sticky-backed bookplate. It'll come by mail, no charge.


Step 3: Place the bookplate in the book and place the book under the tree (or next to the menorah).


Step 4: Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage. Shopping's done!


Who are the authors? Jim AverbeckGianna MarinoMaria van LieshoutMelissa GuionDashka Slater (that's me). Not only supremely talented, but with beautiful signatures, too.



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