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Not all princesses are made of sugar and spice --some are made of funnier, fiercer stuff. 

“Slater stuffs every sentence with inventive detail . . . A sophisticated romp.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Georgeous artwork with attitude fills each page."
—Scholastic Parent and Child

Princess Amanita laughs in the face of danger. Brakeless bicycles, pet scorpions, spiky plants–that’s her thing. So when quiet Prince Florian gives her roses, Amanita is unimpressed . . . until she sees their glorious thorns! Now she must have rose seeds of her own. But when huge, honking noses grow instead, what is a princess with a taste for danger to do? 


For readers seeking a princess with pluck comes an independent heroine who tackles obstacles with a bouquet of sniffling noses. At once lovely and delightfully absurd, here’s a story to show how elastic ideas of beauty and princesses can be.

2014 Surrey Picture Book of the Year

2013 Cybil Award Nominee

2013 Northern California Independent Booksellers Book of the Year Finalist

“Docampo’s artwork is detailed with a whimsical French flair . . . older children will giggle at the snot joke and imaginative plant names.”

—School Library Journal


“Young readers will relate to this feisty character; the book will be a sure hit as a read-aloud.”

—Library Media Collection


“Poetic text captivates here . . . as do French artist Valeria Docampo’s sophisticated, color-drenched paintings.”

—Austin Statesman


“Outstanding… Docampo’s brightly colored whimsical illustrations are just as quirky and odd as Slater’s imagination.”—Alyson Beecher, Kid Lit Frenzy“The story subverts the standard tropes of the princess genre very nicely… a rather delightful fantasy picture book, one I enjoyed lots!”

—Charlotte's Library

“My girls and i chuckled our way through the appealing absurdity of this refreshingly non-girly princess story. It’s one of the few picture books we’ve read that appeals to all my girls with equal enthusiasm.”

—Inhabiting Books

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