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A Book for Escargot Is An Indie Bestseller!

It's been a tough time for authors, booksellers and readers. Events are canceled, stores and libraries are closed, and all of us have spent some time worrying about the future.

But there have been some bright spots too. People are reading like crazy. Authors and booksellers have come together to create virtual events. Readers are stepping up to support bookstores and authors. Bookstores are stepping up to support authors and readers. Authors are stepping up to support readers and bookstores. Everyone is doing their best to support everyone. And books are doing their part too, giving us all some comfort, escape, and wisdom when we really, really need it.

It thus feels doubly, triply, exponentially wonderful that A Book For Escargot, Sydney Hanson and my ode to books, reading, writing, libraries and the power of stories, is on the Indie Bestseller List for the third week in a row, alongside some wonderful classics like Good Night Moon and Where The Wild Things Are and Press Here and Dragons Love Tacos.

Thanks to independent booksellers for supporting my book. Thanks to readers for supporting independent booksellers. I admit, I'm a little teary just now thinking about how hard it's been to do things that used to be easy. Let's keep doing what we do best: finding community through books!

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