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Sydney Hanson & I Meet At Last

I know, it's weird, but authors and illustrators often don't know each other. And so even though Sydney Hanson and I have collaborated on two books in the Escargot series so far, we didn't get to meet until this month, and then it was on Zoom! Of course, I already felt like I knew Sydney through her amazing work bringing Escargot to life and making him adorable, plus little glimpses I've had into her life in emails and social media. Did you know she made an Escargot tart for the launch of a A BOOK FOR ESCARGOT?

She also has an adorable baby, who clearly gets served extremely delicious food.

Now I can add a couple other things to the list of things I know about Sydney.

1) She does a terrific French accent

2) She can teach anyone -- even me -- to draw Escargot

Check out our joint appearance at the Bay Area Book Festival Unbound. We read A BOOK FOR ESCARGOT together, talk about snails, and each give a little mini lesson on writing and drawing. I hope we get to do an appearance together in person one day!

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