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Baby's got some brand-new shoes that just . . . go, go, GO! An active toddler loves his brand-new white shoes, and by the end of a morning walk with Mom, the once-white shoes have become a rainbow of hues. New walkers will love to take this toddler-friendly board book edition - resized for little hands -everywhere they go! 

“One of the Best Children's Books of 2006!”
- Nick Jr. Magazine

“This is a blissful meditation on the delight of painting the colors of an outing ​— red chalk, grass stains, plum juice, and yellow paint ​— on the canvas of brand-new white shoes. Infectious fun.”
—Nick Jr.

“With a buoyant tone in both verse and illustrations, this book will be a fine addition to story hours and, given young children's affinity for shoes, a great conversation starter.”
—Booklist (starred review)

“The smooth-flowing text contains wonderful repetitive phrases. The watercolor illustrations are warm and inviting and the expressions on the characters’ faces are particularly delightful. A grand choice for one-on-one sharing, as well as for storytime.”
—School Library Journal

“Lighthearted multi-hued watercolor illustrations show an exuberant Baby doing everything a wee boy will do when he's got spiffy new shoes. Fast-moving rhyme and playful illustrations invite kids on the go to scuff, scrape and have a blast breaking them in.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“[A book] both mothers and children can enjoy again and again. And again. . . Dashka Slater's Baby Shoes uses rhyme and repetition to tell the story of a baby's adventure in his new "high-jumping, fast-running, fine-looking shoes" that become "speckle-spotted, polka-dotted, puddle-stomping, rainbow-romping, go-go-going shoes" after a day's activities.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“Imaginative language. . . upbeat pacing.”
—Seattle Times

“All the makings of a family favorite. . . its pacing has that combination of quick and unhurried that is key for reading aloud (over and over again).”
—San Francisco Magazine

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