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The Book of Stolen Time

Book of Stolen Time Dashka Slater

From New York Times-bestselling author, Dashka Slater, comes the whimsical and witty sequel to The Book of Fatal Errors.

Rufus may have successfully sent the feylings home to the Green World, but he still has one pesky feyling under his wing: Nettle, his onetime enemy, now mentor. Nettle is in charge of helping Rufus and his cousin Abigail protect Feylawn, their grandfather’s magical and mysterious homestead.

But this difficult task becomes even more dangerous when a leopard appears in the woods without warning; strange, waterlogged women arrive to warn of impending doom; and a goblin begins digging his way back to Earth, hungry for revenge. Meanwhile, Rufus’s father is intent on selling Feylawn to the highest bidder. Can Rufus and Abigail save Feylawn and its magic? Or will they have to say goodbye to the feylings forever?

In The Book of Stolen Time, our favorite heroes are back! And magic, mischief, and adventure abound.


Dashka Slater
Dashka Slater
Dashka Slater
Dashka Slater
Dashka Slater

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 “Slater brings adventure, hard lessons, and magic to this sequel, crafting a duology that pulls the fantastical into the real world. VERDICT A great middle grade title for burgeoning fantasy lovers.”

School Library Journal

 “Full of magical creatures, action, and adventure, this is an entertaining duology closer. With the unexpected return of familiar characters, betrayals, and a few twists, the story will keep readers on their toes. Rufus and Abigail learn real-world lessons, such as what it means to sacrifice, persevere, and be true to themselves. . . An exciting, engaging read.”

— Kirkus Reviews

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