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in the dark

At night, a girl hears the sirens from the fire station near her house. 

Even though it's dark outside, she knows where they are going:

to a castle,

to a garden,

all the way to Pluto . . .


Dashka Slater and Nicoletta Ceccoli have crafted a dreamy ode to firefighters everywhere and the big, brave, spectacular feats they accomplish every day, and every night—all the world over.

“Slater and Ceccoli are ideally paired, with the incantatory rhythm of the prose mirroring the velvety surfaces and Zen-like vibe of the acrylic and pastel paintings. The result is a book that's both engrossing and lulling — a wonderfully offbeat choice for bedtime.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Ceccoli’s beautiful, lyrical illustrations, in acrylics and pastels, give a mythic quality to Slater’s tale of firefighting derring-do, told by a little girl snugly asleep in her bed and imagining where the sirens are going . . . Endearingly, Slater captures a young child’s view of the world and a very different role for firefighters than usually seen by this audience.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Snug in her bed, a youngster hears a distant siren and dreams of firefighters’ brave escapades. Slater’s rhythmic, sometimes rhyming prose captures the child’s enthusiasm . . . Ceccoli’s dreamy, luminescent paintings perfectly suit the story . . . A perfect choice for bedtime reading.”

—School Library Journal

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