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Love, Escargot

Dashka Slater
Dashka Slater
Love, Escargot Dashka Slater

Bonjour!  Escargot is back, with a magnifique beret and a special invitation.

From New York Times-bestselling author Dashka Slater, with illustrations from Sydney Hanson, Love, Escargot is the third hilarious book in the award-winning Escargot picture book series; perfect for—but not limited to—Valentine’s Day!

Today is Snailentine's Day, and Escargot is on his way to a party. Will his Snailentine be there? Maybe he will find another snail who also likes to read books and eat salad with a light vinaigrette.

But when he arrives at the party, Escargot is greeted not by a snail, but by a vole. Mon dieu! This is not a Snailentine's Day party at all. It is a Volentine's Day party! At first, Escargot wants to hide in his shell, but in the end, he finds a surprising new friend.

Audiobook and Board book available now!

Dashka Slater


"Breaking right through the fourth wall, the stylish snail encourages readers to embrace their snail selves . . . Sweet art means that when Escargot winsomely tells readers, 'You can kiss me if you like,' it’ll be hard for them to pass up the chance...  Though love and snails rarely go together, it’s easy to be won over by this mighty mollusk."

Kirkus Reviews 


"Though the narrative could easily ride on the sheer cuteness of its protagonist, Slater elevates it by seamlessly incorporating important themes into the lighthearted text. Escargot models kindness, demonstrates how to cope with daunting circumstances, and even introduces healthy relationship standards in a way that feels just right for a young audience: “Your snailentine should be somebody who makes you feel magnifique.” VERDICT: Blending sweetness with substance, Escargot’s third picture book is a surefire hit for Valentine’s Day–themed story times."     

School Library Journal


"This is the third book in the Escargot series by author-illustrator team, Dashka Slater and Sydney Hanson, and sans doute, it doesn’t disappoint. . . . It was love at first sight for this magnifique book."

New York Journal of Books


"Young children will get a kick out of Escargot’s fourth story and may even learn a few of the French words scattered throughout Escargot’s ­monologue."

 —School Library Journal

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