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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I learn more about the story behind The 57 Bus? I have so many questions!
A. Click Here to read or listen to interviews with me about the book and the reporting process.

Q. Can I send you questions to answer for my class project?
A. Unfortunately, if I wrote individual answers to all the questions I receive from readers I
might never write another book! But I do have lots and lots of information here on my
website. Most of the questions you have were probably asked by someone who interviewed
me, so have a look at these interviews and podcasts here.

Q. Did you ever meet Richard and/or Sasha?
A. Of course! As a journalist, my job is to find things out for myself, which means that I have
to talk to the people I write about.

Q. What can you tell me about how Richard and Sasha are doing now?
A. Both young people – now in their twenties – are doing well. They and their families were
incredibly generous about sharing their stories, but they would like to be able go forward
with their lives in private. For that reason, I don’t share details about what they’re doing

Q. I want to contribute to a fund for Richard or Sasha. How do I do that?
A. Richard and Sasha have declined all offers of financial support. But there are so many
young people who share aspects of their stories who could use your help – LGBTQIA+
youth, incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth, and kids who fall into both categories.
Click here for lists of organizations you can support.

Q. I’m a teacher without a book budget. Can you send me free books?
A. It breaks my heart that teachers don’t have the resources they need for books and
supplies. Unfortunately, authors have to pay for copies of their books just like everyone
else. However, if you fundraise through Donor’s Choose or a similar organization, I am happy to amplify
your request on social media.

Q. How do I get you to speak at my school, library or conference?
A. Please contact The Author Village to find out my schedule and fees.

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