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Richard and Sasha Are Not Alone

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Periodically I get emails from folks who have read The 57 Bus and want to send money or other support to Richard or Sasha. I am always touched by this impulse, but Richard and Sasha are both doing fine and are not interested in receiving donations.

But there are many Richards and Sashas out there who do need your help. Queer kids of all descriptions who are experiencing homelessness or bullying. Kids from many backgrounds who are currently incarcerated, returning home after incarceration, or trying to avoid incarceration.

For that reason, I have made a list of organizations that provide support to kids like Richard and kids like Sasha. These organizations -- and the kids they serve -- could use your support.

If you feel moved, please donate to them.

Youth LGBTQ+ Organizations

Youth Criminal Justice and Literacy Programs

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