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Your Secret Admirer

Perhaps you knew this already, but there’s a very beautiful French snail who wants you to be his Snailentine. He’s chosen you because you are exceptionally kind and funny and smart and good-looking and because he himself has impeccable taste. He has asked me to tell you that your tentacles are very long and wavy, your shell is very clean and cozy, and your French accent is magnifique.

If you aren’t sure who your snail admirer is, allow me to introduce him. His name is Escargot and (with a tiny bit of assistance from me), he has written three books: Escargot, A Book for Escargot and his exciting new Snailentine adventure, Love, Escargot.

And because he loves you and wants you to be happy, Escargot has a gift for you: adorable free snailentines that you can download and print and give to everyone you know. Because, as Escargot explains, “Your snailentine should be somebody who makes you feel magnifique!”

Send Snailentines to Isolated Seniors

But perhaps you think you have nowhere to send your beautiful snailentines?

Au contraire!

Everyone likes to know that they’re appreciated. So why not sign up to send your Escargot valentines to isolated seniors living in care? This cool organization will provide you with addresses – just sign up by February 5 so you have time to mail them out.

Snuggle A Snail

Perhaps after receiving your snailentines you find yourself so in love with Escargot that you must hold him and squeeze him and cover him with kisses. Perhaps you are dejected because you think this is an impossible dream that can never be fulfilled.

Au contraire!

Escargot is so eager to come home with you that you can get 25% off your very own cuddly squeezable Escargot plush toy or plush toy and book combo with the code ESCARGOT PLUSH. Perfect for you or your Snailentine, or both!

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