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Get Ready For The Book of Stolen Time

The sequel to The Book of Fatal Errors releases on February 15, 2022 and the first review is a flat-out rave, with Kirkus calling it "an exciting, engaging read." Here's a bit more from the review:

Full of magical creatures, action, and adventure, this is an entertaining duology closer. With the unexpected return of familiar characters, betrayals, and a few twists, the story will keep readers on their toes. Rufus and Abigail learn real-world lessons, such as what it means to sacrifice, persevere, and be true to themselves.

The pandemic resulted in me having to cancel most of the events planned for promoting the first book in the series, which releases in paperback on the same day as the sequel. That makes me especially excited to be able to promote both books in the Feylawn Chronicles series together in February. What kind of Feylawn swag would you like to see? What kinds of events and promotions? Let me know using the contact form on my website!

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