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Voila! Escargot Deux!

Updated: May 7, 2020

I'll admit, I took it pretty hard when I first learned that the book tour for A Book for Escargot would be canceled. I'd been looking forward to traveling around, hamming it up, and meeting lots of small snails ... er...I mean children.

But these are extraordinary times, and so Escargot and I have been thinking up all kinds of good stuff we can do from home. We started with a read-aloud of the first Escargot book, as part of #OperationStorytime. You can see it here.

After that, we decided to pull together as much fun Escargot stuff as we could.

First of all, the latest installment, A Book for Escargot, releases on April 7 and you can order it NOW! It's been getting lots of bookseller love, including being named a Kids IndieNext pick and an Amazon Best Book of the Month for April.

Meanwhile, the prototype of the Escargot plush toy (squiiiiiiii!) arrived in my office from Merrymakers, and I've been cuddling with it tons. You'll be able to get your own in August!

And that's not all! We've been preparing all kinds of cool Escargot things -- an amazing book trailer, an activities kit, virtual appearances at your favorite independent bookstores and book festivals, and so much more. And on April 7, the day the book comes out, I will be posting a ton of snail content on Twitter and Instagram.

Feel free to let me know what Escargot treats you're craving! No, not that kind of Escargot treat. Mon Dieu!

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